Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LocLine Modular Hose

Assistive Technology, it's part assistive, and part technology. Who would have ever thought it would also be part industrial? I have been thrilled with an assessment kit from LocLine Modular Hose which is flexible hose that can be mounted to a wheelchair for switch trials. The main purpose for this hose is for industrial use. Somehow along the way, assistive technology professionals saw it's potential. Now they have a kit specifically for AT use. I have quick attached the hose to my very own "wheelchair" so you can see how it works.

The hose is flexible, but stable. You can easily move it around, yet it won't bend back like a gooseneck mount can. You can also snap off a length of it to make it shorter, or pop it back on(with a little force) to make it longer. The kit comes with 3 feet of hose with a circular base. It also comes with Velcro coins and reusable zip ties. The kit is wonderful for AT evaluations, and trialing switch mount placements.

I hope you find this kit useful for your AT trials!



  1. Thanks Amy- I was looking for the name/source for this product online and you helped me find it! Do you find it is much more stable then a typical gooseneck mount? I'm having problems with a gooseneck staying in position...

  2. Hi Melinda!

    I wouldn't say that it is more stable than a gooseneck. I wouldn't consider this a permanent mount so much as a mount for trialing placement.

  3. You can find it at www.modularhose.com. They have a lot of AT kits available including an iPad kid.

  4. Well that great! something new.. I was not aware of this.. Now, you have refreshed me on this. Thanks for sharing the information with us. Really enjoyed your post..

  5. My son uses this as a permanent mount on his wheelchair for his switch and it works perfectly for us. He uses it to activate his Springboard Lite using it in an auditory scanning mode. With his limited use of his hands and arms we are able to position it anywhere within his current range for him to access it. It's also very easy to swing away or fold down when we need to get him out of the chair. We now have one set up in his bed as well. The iPad mount has also been fantastic. He can use it on his wheelchair or in bed. Both mounts also worked really well for a recent hospital stay because they are so portable and light weight. They clamps easily to the side of the bed and can be taken away in an instant. For ultimate adjust-ability this really is the device to use.